Monday, January 6, 2014

January's Garment

 This is the second time making this top.

Since I liked the fit, thought I would make another. I didn't want to be disappointed making something that didn't fit. So I just changed this top up bit. 

This is the first time I didn't follow the pattern exactly, and I was scared.
Here's what I did,
I took out 2" from center back and put in a seam for my round back, this gave me a tighter fit. I seen this on another blog. Then I put  1/2" binding  around the neck, which I had to take out a few times. I needed to stretch it as I was sewing. (Now I know.)  I then cut  2" from the length and added a band around the bottom.
I also made a scarf so I can change it up even more. I think it will go nice with a jacket and blue jeans. I'm trying to make pieces that I can mix & match. 
I don't take very good photos. I need to smile. :)

I forgot to take out the basting in the back. I use colored thread when sewing black fabric. 
Going to start working with my Sure Fit Design on my next sewing project. I'm looking to make another pair of jeans, a jacket and a shirt. 
I really don't take good pictures, but I'll post one of me wearing it later.  

Happy sewing :)