Friday, January 31, 2014

Quilts for Kids

Quilts for Kids. I'm one of many volunteers that sew quilts for preemies or other children that are in Hospitals. I just sent off a box of quilts and received 11 kits for larger quilts to make. I just love making these quilts.
I'll be busy working on getting them done plus the two challenges I joined. 

 MAGAM challenge for February is almost done. 
 Barb pants & Tooties top. Pants just needs hemed and 2" elastic put into waist then pants will be done. I'll take pictures then. 
  For my RTW Fast challenge I'm going to make a complete outfit. I started tracing off the jacket to make a muslin tomorrow. I'm using Simplicity 1808 and going to make the top, jacket & pants.
  For fun sewing I would like to make these tops this month as well. 
If I'm going to throw out my sweats I better get a few easy tops done.

Have a Fantastic 
 & Blessed Weekend 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

RTW fast

 Garment for RTW fast. 
Simplicity patterns were on sale last wk 5 for $5.00 @ Hancock Fabric. So I bought a few :)
I made this Tunic top last night with fabric I had for a quilting project that didn't happen.  
(Simplicity 1461) super easy to make! 
 I  took a Craftsy class on fitting neck, shoulders & back. 
I have narrow shoulders that slop, with my right shoulder sloping much more. 
When I make the next one, I'll be using what I've learned.
I really like this top it's comfortable, quick and I used decorative stitches.

I'm throwing away my ugly grey tee shirts and making me some colorful tunics. 
Thanks Sarah Liz, for telling me to try a tunic top!

Blessings all

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fun Sewing

I did some fun sewing today in making  this free pattern on Sew Mama. It's a baby sleeping bag. Super easy, it took less than an hour and I used old T shirt and old fleece blanket. 
My grandson will be a preemie so it should last him for awhile. I'm going to make a bigger one changing the zipper. I want it to zip from neck to bottom. I don't like putting baby's head in that small hole. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tootsie Top for February's Garment.

I ordered some patterns from StyleArc, they came Thursday. I was so excited to get started, So I jumped right into cutting the Barb pants out, started sewing only to see I sewed front to front inseams together.. Gurrrrr >:(  I spent the rest of the night ripping it out. 
So the next day I started the Tootsie top glanced at the instructions and started cutting away. I place  straight grain lines on the pattern on straight grain. I didn't look at the line that said place this way on stripes. So after cutting and sewing the top together it was awful. I decided to sit down and READ the instructions. Big help! 
I really need to slow down and enjoy the process of each step.
So thank goodness I had a lot more fabric,  I cut out the pattern again. MUCH BETTER. :) 
My top stitching isn't  straight so I think I'll use steam a seam the hold it in place and try sewing it again. More ripping to do.
My pants just need to be hemmed then start working on my top. 
I bought this fabric from and thought it was a knit, but it has small elastic sewn through it on the back like ruching. I don't know what it is???? 
I need to go somewhere local so I can see what I'm buying until I know the differences in fabric.  
This what I have so far.
  I love this top and will be getting the right fabric and do it again. Now that I know how to lay it out. 
When buying patterns I'm finding out I really need to buy smaller. StyleArc emailed me after I placed the order saying I should get size 16, but I already ordered 18 for my bust size. Keeping my fingers crossed it fits. 

Have a Blessed and Fantastic Weekend everyone! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Working with my SFD muslin.
There's no point continuing until I get fitted.  
 Here's what I think is wrong.
Bust dart is to low or cup size is to big.

My first muslin was a 451/2" bust with D cup. To big.
This one, I did 43" bust D cup.
Should I try C cup or just move the darts up?
I like the fit in the  Shoulder and the ease in Hips & Waist.
Not sure if it changes the fit when I put sleeves on?

Looks like I have around back and bad sloping right shoulder.
Please give me your opinion. 
Thanks. :)


Friday, January 10, 2014

Got this free pattern from Shwin & Shwin blog and thought I would give it a try. This pattern went together fast and easy. I didn't read the instructions and wished I would have. The collar is put on flat, that was my only mistake. The fabric is from and old fleece sweatshirt I had, so it didn't cost any thing to make. I'll be having a new grandbaby that's due in April. So my next ones will be done right.
I need a new embroidery machine my old one is starting to skipping stitches.  
My son want's the next's one to be Ohio State.

Monday, January 6, 2014

January's Garment

 This is the second time making this top.

Since I liked the fit, thought I would make another. I didn't want to be disappointed making something that didn't fit. So I just changed this top up bit. 

This is the first time I didn't follow the pattern exactly, and I was scared.
Here's what I did,
I took out 2" from center back and put in a seam for my round back, this gave me a tighter fit. I seen this on another blog. Then I put  1/2" binding  around the neck, which I had to take out a few times. I needed to stretch it as I was sewing. (Now I know.)  I then cut  2" from the length and added a band around the bottom.
I also made a scarf so I can change it up even more. I think it will go nice with a jacket and blue jeans. I'm trying to make pieces that I can mix & match. 
I don't take very good photos. I need to smile. :)

I forgot to take out the basting in the back. I use colored thread when sewing black fabric. 
Going to start working with my Sure Fit Design on my next sewing project. I'm looking to make another pair of jeans, a jacket and a shirt. 
I really don't take good pictures, but I'll post one of me wearing it later.  

Happy sewing :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Quilts for the kids.

I finished all my kids quilts for Christmas and thought I would show some pictures. They all loved them. It was a job getting 6 Queen size quilt done. For a while I didn't think I would get it done.