Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Sure Fit Design Kit came today :) My niece is coming over to take my measurements for my body blue print. I 'am so excited to get started.  
Now it's time to start thinking about my December garment.
Do I want to make a Christmas dress I will only wear once or pants and jacket I can wear after ?
 My wardrobe is sweat pants & t shirts since my weight gain. So I really need to make garments that will be worn and can be mixed & matched.  
I think I'll ask my husband what he would like to see me in and go from there.

Sorry my blogging isn't very exciting, but hopefully once I get patterns to fit I'll have lots of pictures to show.
I hope everyone has a blessed & wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Good reviews on Sure Fit Designs.
I read good reviews on this fitting system, so I thought I would give it a try. It's so disappointing working so hard only to have the garment not fit you right. :(  
I'm hoping Sure Fit will gives me a good fit & pleasure in sewing my own clothes. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I've been working on a top to go with my new pants & vests I made for November.
                                                              B4659 view D
I cut size 18 for neck & shoulders, then size 20 for bust, waist & hips. The only thing that fits ok is the bust. So now I must decided if I want to take it apart and cut smaller or just know for next time.
I love this collar & the lace on the bottom of the sleeve.
It went together very easy except for the shawl collar.
 Here's how it looks with my fur vest. Which I can't wait to wear with my black jeans.
Here it is with my other vest.
So it decision time! 
Have a great weekend everyone. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I made a black pair of Jalie 2908 jeans size 12.


I hate pictures of myself since I've gained 20 pounds.
I had to put elastic in the back waistband, they stay up much better now.
I'll be making another pair just not low rise next time.
I made a couple of vest as well with fabric I already had. I used McCalls 5933

This one fits ok.
Need to try a FBA.
This one is to big.
 I put a center seam in the back for my round back and need to take it in more on the sides.
I thought this fur looked fun to wear.
 Thinking of trying a dress for  December's garment.
Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I have a love hate relationship going on with my seam ripper. I love that I have one, I hate that I spend so much time with it. :)
Every time I sewed something up I was taking it back apart!

Working on my November garment and not sure I'll ever make jeans again.
I had bought some denim from a while ago thinking I would try making Jeans. 
I'm using Jalie 2908 pattern.

I've traced out three different sizes 13, 10, 12 and I made two muslins of 13 & 10.
The 13 was way to big, the 10 fit good in the crotch, but a little to tight. So I just went with size 12 and didn't make another muslin.

I had high hopes of the prefect pair of jeans. Didn't happen. 
At least I have a starting point if I want to continue working on the perfect jeans.

When I walk it feels like the front legs needs to come up to give me more room to move.
It feels better if I pinch it up some.  The back needs some pinching too and for my swag back, I just put elastic in the waist band.  I think they look nice, but I probably will never wear them unless I can get the waist band to stay up instead of falling down to my hips. I wish I would have try size 11 now.
Pictures of me wearing them after I work more on the waist band and hem them.
Happy sewing everyone :o)

PS. I think I like blogging!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

For Novembers garment I'm attempting to get a nice fitted pair of jeans. I'm using Jalie pattern 2908 it had so many great reviews on PR.
The pattern calls for stretch denim . I'm not using stretch. So I went up a size. 
I started off  tracing size 13 which was to big, then I traced a size 10... they were to tight, I did like how the crotch fits. So I'll be tracing a size 11 tomorrow and mixing it the size 10. Then I have to shorten the hem.  I'm going to try Nancy Z method slide and pivoting. 

I got a Janome Cover stitch machine off eBay. I just had to make something with it today. So  husband got a new pair of boxers from a old tee shirt. If he likes them I wont be throwing his old t's away anymore. 

I'll be taking pictures of my pants to post later. If the pants goes smooth I'm going to try to squeeze in a top too.

Blessed weekend everyone,
I've been staying up late playing around with this blog. I figured out how to put (join the site) button on. Now trying to figure out how to put SarahLiz's  (make a garment a month) button on. Can anyone please help.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello, I'm a newbie to Blogging, so my first post is just to say Hi and learn how to post to my blog.
 I will be sharing some pictures of garments as I make them for the garment a month challenge I entered and maybe a couple pictures of my grandchildren. :)
If anyone has any helpful hints for me on blogging or sewing they would be greatly appreciated!
So my first day was learning how to get a blog up and running. It took 4 hours to get this far, so I'm hoping I catch on a little faster cause this is cutting into my sewing time. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.