Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tootsie Top for February's Garment.

I ordered some patterns from StyleArc, they came Thursday. I was so excited to get started, So I jumped right into cutting the Barb pants out, started sewing only to see I sewed front to front inseams together.. Gurrrrr >:(  I spent the rest of the night ripping it out. 
So the next day I started the Tootsie top glanced at the instructions and started cutting away. I place  straight grain lines on the pattern on straight grain. I didn't look at the line that said place this way on stripes. So after cutting and sewing the top together it was awful. I decided to sit down and READ the instructions. Big help! 
I really need to slow down and enjoy the process of each step.
So thank goodness I had a lot more fabric,  I cut out the pattern again. MUCH BETTER. :) 
My top stitching isn't  straight so I think I'll use steam a seam the hold it in place and try sewing it again. More ripping to do.
My pants just need to be hemmed then start working on my top. 
I bought this fabric from and thought it was a knit, but it has small elastic sewn through it on the back like ruching. I don't know what it is???? 
I need to go somewhere local so I can see what I'm buying until I know the differences in fabric.  
This what I have so far.
  I love this top and will be getting the right fabric and do it again. Now that I know how to lay it out. 
When buying patterns I'm finding out I really need to buy smaller. StyleArc emailed me after I placed the order saying I should get size 16, but I already ordered 18 for my bust size. Keeping my fingers crossed it fits. 

Have a Blessed and Fantastic Weekend everyone!