Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February's Garments Completed!

 I made an outfit for this month and here's me modeling it. I don't take good picture of myself. 
I LOVE these pants! I did a size 12, but the waist I did size 14 and the crotch is perfect. Is this what you call a TNT if so then I have two now, the top and pants. 
My husband said I looked very nice when he came home from work today. I guess anything would looks nicer that seeing me in sweats all the time. 
Sorry for not smiling, but taking pictures of yourself and waiting for the flash to go off isn't easy. :)
After seeing so many lovely women with their grey hair, I decided to let mine grow out
Now I need a nice haircut, any suggestions on a style would be welcomed! 

I have a very flat backside, that's why I'm only showing it with the jacket on.

I used  S1808

The only changes were. 
1. I didn't put elastic in the sleeves of the top.
2. I lengthened the jacket to cover my bum. 
3.I added binding to the jacket 

Have a very Blessed weekend!