Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March's Garment

I mailed off all eleven baby quilts today! YAY!!!
That was a lot of work, but well worth it. 
I prayed for Miracles of healing and God's name be glorified before I packet them. 

Plus, I had to make a couple quilts for my new grandson! :)

Today I started working on.
 Demi Drape Top from Style Arc. 
This is what I have so far. 
I did one of the side seams wrong, so I have to pick it out and redo. 
Then all that's left is adding the sleeves & hem.
It took longer cutting out the paper pattern and fabric than it did sewing the top.
I'm still learning on my new used coverstitch machine I bought off Craigslist. 
 I used blue & green thread around the white part, but it's hard to see.
 I might try using the looper thread on top. 

 My sweet cousin gave me tons of fabric! I'm talking 7 large garbage bags full. 
This knit fabric was in it, plus some black knit for a second top. 
I think I have enough for a dress. 

I finished up my top today and finally got my Barb pants hemmed. 

Sew be blessed and happy Sewing,