Saturday, November 9, 2013

I have a love hate relationship going on with my seam ripper. I love that I have one, I hate that I spend so much time with it. :)
Every time I sewed something up I was taking it back apart!

Working on my November garment and not sure I'll ever make jeans again.
I had bought some denim from a while ago thinking I would try making Jeans. 
I'm using Jalie 2908 pattern.

I've traced out three different sizes 13, 10, 12 and I made two muslins of 13 & 10.
The 13 was way to big, the 10 fit good in the crotch, but a little to tight. So I just went with size 12 and didn't make another muslin.

I had high hopes of the prefect pair of jeans. Didn't happen. 
At least I have a starting point if I want to continue working on the perfect jeans.

When I walk it feels like the front legs needs to come up to give me more room to move.
It feels better if I pinch it up some.  The back needs some pinching too and for my swag back, I just put elastic in the waist band.  I think they look nice, but I probably will never wear them unless I can get the waist band to stay up instead of falling down to my hips. I wish I would have try size 11 now.
Pictures of me wearing them after I work more on the waist band and hem them.
Happy sewing everyone :o)

PS. I think I like blogging!