Monday, February 3, 2014

February's Garments

Making a muslin is really helpful not only for fitting, but getting your mistakes out of the way. When sewing my jacket I didn't make one mistake because I worked them all out on the muslin. The only problem now is I don't like it. I'm taking it a part and going to either change the collar to brown or add brown piping to it. I made the sleeves longer and I don't like that either, so I think I'll make a cuff sleeve. The bottom of the jacket has a ruffle which is hard to see so I though I would break it up with brown piping around the waist where the ruffle is attached. 
I really liked this fabric when I purchased it and thought it would make a great spring jacket, but now it looks like a curtain. 
I should have made a blazer jacket instead.
 The back has a pleat in the ruffle. 
Today I made the pink top and I really like it. 
I made a size 16 because it's a knit and that's what Style Arc said I should make with their patterns. 
I already ordered size 18 for the Tooties top and it was to big.
So I thought a 16 would be perfect. Nope, a tad to small. I don't care I'm still wearing it.
Next time Simplicity knits size 18.
 I want to make a yellow & orange top to go with this jacket too.
Tomorrow cutting out muslin for my pants and working on a new top.

Have a Blessed week everyone!